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Alex's Adoption Session

I have been so excited to post about this session, but I had to WAIT.

I had to wait for a court date, because this session marked a very special celebration: the finalization of Alex’s adoption by her foster family.

That is NOTHING compared to Alex’s wait. 2,065 days in foster care.


I wanted to be sure to document her beautiful spirit and the amazing connection she has with her family. Her joy at the thought of finally being officially adopted was tangible! I focused on getting some images that really showed Alex’s personality - she has the prettiest smile!

I know there is no way to make up for things like not having baby pictures of Alex, but much like baby pictures, these images mark a new beginning for Alex and her family.

Watching the girls together made me so happy - they acted just as all sisters do - smiling while their parents were watching, then picking on one another the second they weren’t.


Because of the reasons that people have photos taken often have to do with life-changing, big events, I often feel lucky to be included in these moments, but this was a new and emotional experience - documenting the culmination of so much time, energy, love, and devotion was an honor I had yet to experience.

Congratulations to Alex and her family!