Kourtney Leibman Photography
Kansas City Portrait Photographer


Jordan's One Year Portrait Session

When Jordan’s mom told me the theme of her birthday party, I instantly had a vision of what I wanted to do for her first birthday portraits.


The theme? Breakfast at Jordan’s, a play off of Breakfast at Tiffany’s. 

My mind instantly went to Tiffany Blue for a backdrop, with Jordan wearing black and a little tiara and maybe some pearls. Bonus: her mom ordered a onesie with her name on it, pearls printed on it, and completed the ensemble with a poofy tutu and tiara.

The tiara only lasted for a couple of shots because, well, you try putting a tiara on a one year old who doesn’t want it there and let me know how that turns out for you.

Jordan has the most beautiful eyes. They are big and shiny and BLUE. Even when she wasn’t smiling, her eyes just lit up.

For the second part of her session, her mom put her in a frilly, HOT PINK dress. She got out a pair of sparkly high heels (for mom, not Jordan) and Jordan was absolutely entranced by them, which was really sweet. Why was it sweet? Because they were the shoes her mom wore down the aisle to marry Jordan’s dad! 


Photographing toddlers has its challenges - you can’t reason with a one year old or bribe them (not that I would ever do that…!) and you are subject to their moods and whims, but Jordan was a delight to photograph - again, THOSE EYES - and I loved her birthday party theme and the moments we caught with her mom’s shoes.